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Vinyl, Posted on 3:28pm 08 January 2018 by Zeroone
I bought a Vinyl-Player and also some Vinyls. I listend to a few already like Madonna - True Blue (wonderful album), Bee Gees - Spirits Having Flown (of course beauteufuyl), Rainbow - On Stage (love it) and Fats Domino - Fats Is Back (beaurtieufuyl soul). I bought also some others like from the Scorpions, Fleetwood Mac and Gary Moore...


Gonna update ya' #2018

1 month till Call Me By Your Name #cmbyn, Posted on 8:07pm 03 February 2018 by Zeroone
It's one month till Call Me By Your Name comes out in germany (see the gay joke there? b.t.w. it's a shame that you have to come out). I mean I already saw the movie and read the book but I'm still so excited to see it with some friends on the 3th march (maybe I'll do a new review). Hashtags: #2018 #cmbyn

New year (new me), Posted on 5:30pm 01 January 2018 by Zeroone
Always those people that say 'new year, new me'. It's not going to happen, you're not going to change just cause it's 2018. We said 2017 is going to be better than 2016 and? Wha' ha' happend (pls read with southern american accent, thanks)? Nothing, I hope it's not going to be the same with 2018 but who knows (the last part, read it with southern american accent too). Oh honey we are future #2018